August Casualties

Private Edward Crowell Jr. died of wounds in Brest, August 4, 1919.

Seaman 2/c John Johnson died in the South Pacific on Aug. 4, 1945.

Wallace Reed was KIA in France on Aug. 6, 1944.

Pfc. Albert E. Pole was killed in Guam Aug. 7, 1944

Seaman 2/c Gerald Strigari died in Brooklyn on Aug. 10, 1944.

Robert Stecker was KIA in France in August 15, 1944.

James T. White was KIA in Italy in Aug. 16, 1944.

Donald Hartley, 20, was killed in the North Atlantic on Aug. 18, 1943.

Robert C. Taylor was killed near Bermuda on Aug. 20, 1944.

Fred R. Wyckoff was killed in action in Tunisia on August 1943.

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