July Casualties

Cpl. Gerald Fuselle, 24, died in North Africa on July 10, 1943.

Pfc. Steveno Mosco, 20, was KIA in Normandy July 27, 1944.

2nd Lt. Victor R. Bruegman was killed over Hungary on July 2, 1944.

Lt. John J. Daly was KIA in Normandy on July 4, 1944.

Pfc. Angelo Guarino, 25, was KIA in France on July 18, 1944.

John Marshall was killed in Italy on July 8, 1945.

Lt. Kenneth Chewey died in Manila, the Philippines, on July 23, 1945.

Sgt. Clatie Cunningham was killed in the South Pacific on July 23, 1945.

Private Hyland was a member of the 11th Field Artillery Battalion, 24th Infantry Division. He was Killed in Action while fighting the enemy along the Kum River, South Korea on July 20, 1950.

Pfc. Carl Lawrence Mickens, 26, was killed in action on July 4 in Vietnam.

(July 31, 1958) Staff Sgt. Charles A. Marsh, 45, of Belleville, died of injuries suffered two days earlier in a highway accident in Burlington, Vt.

Captain Henry Benson died in 1862 at Malvern Hill, Va.

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