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John Rodgers, KIA - April 8, 1865

John Rogers died April 8, 1865, of his wounds, according to the Civil War Diary of James C. Taylor of Belleville, Company F, 39th Regiment, New Jersey Volunteers, in the War to Save the Union of the United States of America, published in 1925.

In his diary, Taylor wrote on April 1: “At 11 last night 2 pieces of heavy artillery were brought into Fort Davis. This looks ominous. At 11:30 the regiment fell in and went out alongside the road where they waited there for hot coffee, and then we removed down to the front. We moved as far front as we could and then were ordered to lie flat on the ground. The enemy are firing lively with mortar shells and rifle shots. While lying flat, John Rodgers received a fatal wound.”

Taylor enlisted in Captain John Hunkele’s Company on Sept. 17, 1864, along with Rodgers, James M. Crisp, Linus Ackerman, Edmund Holmes, Charles Stanford, James McCluskey and Daniel McGinnis.

More information on Belleville in the Civil War

Belleville in the War Between the States
About the author: Anthony Buccino has written several collections about life and growing up in and around Belleville, New Jersey. He also created Old Belleville, a web site of local history. His latest book is Belleville and Nutley in the Civil War – a Brief Historypaperback or ebook.
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Middle School honors Vietnam War fallen heroes

The B.M.S. 8th grade students in Mrs. Dawn Buccino’s English classes recently completed a P.B.L. about the Vietnam War and its impact on Belleville in the 1960s and 1970s. P.B.L. stands for “project based learning” where the students work on various mandatory and optional or choice activities based on a task statement.
Back row, from left, Krystal Diaz, Amy Trinh, and Leticia Orgueira. Front row, from left, Madeline Bini, Breeyanah Gee-Burney, and Veronica Alvarado. 

Mrs. Buccino took a lesson she had been teaching for the last three years based on the story “Stop the Sun” by Gary Paulsen about a Vietnam War veteran who struggles with his memories of war. She added the book “Belleville Sons Honor Roll-Remembering the Men Who Paid For Our Freedom” which documents the biographies of 157 Belleville men who died while in service to create the three week project. “Belleville Sons” is written by Mrs. Buccino’s husband, local author Anthony Buccino.

She was also assisted by her team Social Studies teacher, Mr. Anthony Ferrara, who taught his Vietnam War unit a bit ahead of schedule to coincide with the P.B.L.

The P.B.L takes a task statement, adds technology, tiered lessons and a differentiated classroom while training the students to schedule their own time. It allows for authentic performance where students showcase their knowledge and produce, not only a packet of diverse work, but also a closing project.


April Casualties

John Rogers died of his wounds on April 8, 1865.

Alvin C. Brown
George Malizia
Salvatore Sena
Joseph Taibi
William Thetford
Wilfred Potis
Richard Hayes
Anthony Noto
Gilmer Adams
John Gorman
Thomas Peacock
Emil Liloia

Chief Warrant Officer Donald S. Murray, 37, was killed in a mid-air helicopter crash April 14, 1996.

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