PACIFIC: William J. Mears KIA in Peleliu

William J. Mears

(Nov. 30, 1944) – Marine Sgt. William J. Mears of Jefferson Street was killed in action in Peleliu on Palau Islands in the South Pacific on Sept. 15. Mears enlisted in the Marines the day after Pearl Harbor was attacked. During his tour he was cited as a demolitions expert.

He was a veteran of Guadalcanal, Cape Gloucester, New Britain and Bougainville during his 28 months overseas. He was scheduled to return to the States to begin study at officer candidate school.

The Palue Islands are in the westernmost cluster of the Caroline Islands, north of Australia and west of Micronesia.

He was awarded a Purple Heart. He is listed as missing in action or buried at sea on the Tablets of the Missing at Manila American Cemetery, Manila, Philippines.

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