PACIFIC: Edward DiCarlo KIA in Guam

Edward DiCarlo

(Nov. 15, 1945) – A new pipe organ will be dedicated on Sunday in honor of 53 members of the Silver Lake Baptist Church who are serving in the Armed Forces and in memory of Sgt. Edward DiCarlo who was killed in action in Guam. DiCarlo, who entered the service in 1942, saw action in the South Pacific and died June 26.

His mother died in 1937. His father died this past January, when the Sergeant was home on emergency furlough. He is survived by his brothers Guy, Joseph and William.
Sgt. DiCarlo in a letter from Guam asked Rev. Benedetto Pascale about a stained glass in memory of his parents.

The First Italian Baptist Church of Silver Lake was originally dedicated Nov. 21, 1914 with Rev. Pascale who was its pastor for 75 years.

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