Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, let us not forget these Belleville sons, uncles, brothers and fathers who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

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Private Edward J. Crowell died of wounds in Brest, France, on August 4, 1919.

Private Michael Flynn was killed in while serving in France on 1919.

Corp. Frank A. Cancelliere was killed in action in Vietnam on March 15, 1969

Lt. Col. Alfred Barnes was killed in action in Vietnam on May 12, 1969.

Corp. Paul Nelson was killed in action in Vietnam on May 31, 1969.

Let the people of Belleville forget none of the 112 who died in WWII, the 20 who died in WWI, the 4 who died in Korea, two who died in the Civil War, the 11 who died in Vietnam, or those Belleville Sons who died in service during peace time.

We thank all those veterans who proudly served our nation.

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Dave said...

Did you know that Jane Hagedorn, the author of the book They'll Come a Day which walks in the life of a real G.I. in WWII leading up to the D-Day invasion, lived in both Belleville and Nutley, NJ. She died shortly after completing and publishing her second book which records the experience on the states side through the eyes of the wife of a WWII G.I.

Anthony Buccino said...

As a matter of fact, I picked up a copy of that book when it came out but could find no other history of where she lived or what the connection was.

Som provenance, please.

Dave said...

Jane Hagedorn grew up as the daughter of the couple described in the book, They'll Come a Day. Her father enlisted in the army in 1939 and served through 1945, eventually landing at Normandy in one of the first waves of the D-Day invasion. Her father used the GI Bill to attend college gaining skills that allowed him to provide for his family. Shortly after this book was completed, Jane's father passed away. He described amazing accounts of the experiences he had through the French country side, always emphasizing the kind acts of others and humerous experiences that found him during his years of military service. As his grandson I found these to be fascinating. My mother, Jane moved our family to Belleville in 1983. We later moved to Nutley where my mother continued to reside until she moved just shortly before she passed way in 2006.

Jane volunteered at some of the local libraries and among writing groups, helping and learning together with other aspiring authors. She shared her challenges and experiences as she worked to publish these two specific books related to the WWII era. For our family these are cherished accounts of the foundation of our own American history. My grandfather came through Ellis Island from Sicily as a young boy. Both of my grandparents were so significantly shaped by the events of their time. It is a joy to know that segments of their experiences that represent those of so many others among the greatest generation are captured and enjoyed through these books.

Thank you for your promotion and salute to the service of veterans.

SamanthaHayes said...

can you tell me if Richard T. Hayes was the son of William Leonard Hayes? He might be my uncle. My fathers' name was Robert Earl Hayes. Thanks! Samantha Hayes

SamanthaHayes said...

Hi, Can you tell me if Richard T. Hayes was the son of William Leonard Hayes. If so he was my uncle. All of my Hayes lineage has now passed on and I have no one to ask. Thank you! Samantha Hayes Jacksonville, Fl

Anthony Buccino said...

Samantha, we have no further information at this time.