Thomas Stevens was killed June 27, 1862.

Color Sergeant Thomas J. Stephens (Stevens) was killed June 27, 1862. A member of the First New Jersey Brigade, he served under 1st Lt. W. E. Blewett in the Second Regiment.

“Friday, June 27th, 1862, the First New Jersey Brigade was ordered to Woodbury’s Bridge over the Chickohominy, there to meet Gen. Porter’s Division. ... Col. Tucker led out the remaining four companies, including Lt. Blewett’s command with the rest of the Brigade.

From Woodbury’s Bridge this Brigade, with others, was sent to engage the enemy near Gaines’s Mills and was soon in the thick of the fight. Porter’s Division, in hand-to-hand conflict, held their position against overwhelming odds until reinforcements, long delayed, arrived, but owing to the fact that their position was unfavorable and to the superiority of the enemy in numbers, the Union troops were compelled to retire. ... The Second Regiment had the right of line, and though outnumbered and flanked by the enemy, they were the last to leave their station in the field.

In this fight the regiment lost its colonel, Isaac M. Tucker, Capt. Charles Danforth, Color Sergeant Thomas Stevens of Belleville, and many others. ...”

Source: C.C. Hine And His Times, Woodside, Pages 244 and 245 (Belleville Public Library); FIRST NEW JERSEY BRIGADE, Page 443 (aka Stephens)

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